Maquoketa Area Community Foundation announces name change

The Maquoketa Area Community Foundation is announcing a name change, to take effect August 1, 2011. The Foundation will operate as the Community Foundation of Jackson County. This decision was made to better reflect the Community Foundation’s expanded focus and commitment to serving all of the Jackson County area.

Executive Director, Angela Petit, said the name change is intended to broaden the market for the charitable foundation, which has served the greater Jackson County area for a number of years. “Through feedback we have received over the years, our former name gave some the impression that the Community Foundation was primarily focused on the Maquoketa area. Our grants and scholarship awards were distributed throughout and outside Jackson County, but some felt our name did not reflect our broader commitment.”

The Foundation, which manages 51 funds and over $4 million in assets, was founded as the Maquoketa Area Foundation, a charitable trust, in 1982. The name was changed to the Maquoketa Area Community Foundation in 2005 when it received National Standards accreditation. The Foundation awards grants to non-profit groups and organizations, awarding over $150,000 in 2010. Permanent endowment funds are held to support agencies and designated fields of interest. The Foundation’s scholarship program has 21 funds which awarded over $43,000 this year.

Many Community Foundations throughout Iowa have taken regional approaches to their names. It was through careful consideration that the MACF considered a change, feeling it would more accurately reflect their commitment to donors and grantees living in and around the Jackson County area. “The support of the community is what has brought us to where we are today. We wanted to honor that commitment while also ensuring continued success in the future,” said Petit.

The Community Foundation board is made up of volunteers representing different areas of the community. Currently serving on the 2010/11 Board of Directors are: Dick Kunau, President; Tom Breuch, Vice-President; Val Horst, Secretary; Elizabeth Lechtenberg, Treasurer; Lenke Carson; Nancy Johnson and Loras Herrig. Trustees include Elaine Edwards, Maquoketa State Bank and Dwain Trenkamp, US Bank.

Current Board Chair, Dick Kunau has served on the Community Foundation Board for 6 years. Of the announcement, he said “we have had feedback that communities outside of Maquoketa felt this would be a good step and would make the Foundation feel more inclusive of all the communities it serves. Our bylaws have always supported our commitment to Maquoketa and the other communities in the county and now our name will reflect that commitment.”

The new website for the Community Foundation is The email address is The phone number will remain 563/652-4179.